Dylan Vanhear, was a very sporty, healthy 11 year old boy until May 2015 when he developed a limp.  After numerous trips to the GP it was discovered he had ependymomas on his spinal cord.

After a seven and a half hour operation to partially remove the tumours Dylan was left paraplegic and wheelchair bound.

During his prolonged stay in hospital Dylan decided he wanted to help children in a similar situation, as there was so little activity for them. In little more than a year, he achieved the truly incredible feat of raising over £10,000 for Southampton Children's Hospital.

Finally, after a 308 day stay, when builders were found to adapt the family home in Southampton, he was discharged from hospital in April 2016.

Sadly Dylan lost his battle in September 2016, a week after his 13th birthday.

The family want to set up a charity in Dylan's name, continuing 'Dylan's Quest' to help families like ours, with children who have life threatening illnesses.  This could be to provide them with vital financial relief where their lives have been turned upside down, or to make lasting memories with a family day out.

Your support and generosity would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation